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A high-technology steel mill inzhengzhou, China.

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Customer Focused

We are proud to say that despite ‘merger-mania’ in the industry, we retain our core values and provide a friendly and reliable, customer-focused service.

Commitment to Excellence

As the #1 supplier of steel to the global market, we provide the highest standard of products available

World Class Services

Our world class technicians are highly skilled in Grinding, Laser Cutting, Flame Cutting, Sawing, Planing and more.

Explorative,Innovative,Distinctive and Dedicative.

The best honor for CTA steel is our good properity steel products use in your ongoing project in near future smoothly.

About CTA Steel

CAT Steel as an international world calss steel base for steel exporting and steel processing.CAT Steel set up headquarters since 2000 year located at Zhengzhou City which is the biggest logistics center in Asia.

Our target are to provide a wide range of high quality steel to the global market. Despite many huge merger deals in the industry, we remain a friendly, family business. We pride ourselves on our impeccable quality and service.

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three production lines

Our mill has three production lines:

1).2500mm production line-(Width:1600-2300mm, Thickness:6-30mm,Annual capacity:1,600,000 Tons;

2).3500mm production line-(Width:2000-3050mm, Thickness:10-80mm, Annual capacity: 2,000,000 Tons;

3).4300mm production line-(Width:1500-4100mm, Thickness:6-300mm, Annual capacity: 1,800,000 Tons;

The weight of each steel ingot can achieve to 44 tons, which is on the leading level in China. In addition, we also have 1700mm production line for hot rolled coil (Width range:900-1550mm, Thickness range:1.2-25.4mm, Annual capacity:3,500,000 Tons).

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