Hachette Guide 2008 !
Etienne Chéré : Cuvée Marie: 2 stars
« The slopes of the "Petit Morin", between "Cote des Blancs" and "Sézannais", are also covered with vines.
Here is located the village of Courjeonnet, where Chéré family exploit its vines.
The property is distinguished by a batch of 3 Champagne varieties: chardonnay dominant (60%), fermented in barrel, the 2 Pinot parity completing the assembly.
A champagne that seduces throughout the tasting with its finesse and elegance, the nose is intense and fresh;
the mouth with aromas of citrus, dosed with discretion, is delicate and lively. » (RM)

Source: Hachette Guide 2008

Hachette Guide 2009 !
Etienne Chéré : Brut Sélection cité
« The 2002 is a pure chardonnay. It expresses toasty notes to the nose, while fruit and candied apricot
represents a fair and round palate. Same note for the Brut Sélection, from the 2002 and 2003 grapes harvests which also owe it to the Chardonnay.
A nice champagne with aromas of white flowers and fresh butter, a little nervous attack, but long enough.
It will serve as an aperitif or with seafood. » (RM)

Source: Hachette Guide 2009

Hachette Guide 2010 !
Etienne Chéré : Brut Tradition: 1 étoile / Brut rosé: cité
« This grower is located in "La vallée du Petit Morin", between the "Côte des Blancs" and "Le Sézannais".
His Brut Tradition comes from the 2006 harvest. This is a nice and well structured Champagne which expresses itself on a buttery vanilla register. Quoted,
the "Brut Rosé" is from the 2005 harvest. It is fresh, powerful and has good length: a classic » (RM)

Source: Hachette Guide 2010